• 2010 Legislative Session

    • AB 1879 (Beall)
      Would require the CPUC to reexamine if electric or gas investor-owned utility (IOU) small commercial customers should be responsible for costs resulting from utility metering or billing errors for up to 3 years.
    • AB 2213 (Fuentes)
      Would make specified definitional changes to the LifeLine program created by the Moore Universal Telephone Service Act. These changes would provide eligible Lifeline individuals with the option to choose current technologies, such as wireless service, in lieu of traditional wireline technologies.
    • AB 2441 (Berryhill)
      Would require the CPUC to set the natural gas surcharge rate paid by commercial and industrial noncore end-use customers at 25% of the natural gas surcharge rate paid by other customers. The natural gas surcharge rate funds low-income assistance programs, including energy efficiency, conservation, and most notably the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program.
    • AB 2514 (Skinner)
      Would, among other things, require the investor-owned utilities to develop plans and procure energy storage systems, as specified.
    • SB 1040 (Padilla)
      Would promote deployment of broadband infrastructure in unserved and under-served areas.
    • SB 1437 (Kehoe)
      Would require the CPUC to determine the appropriate ratepayer surcharge for subsidizing electricity for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.
    • SB 1476 (Padilla)
      Would protect the personal identifiable information of electric and gas customer’s that use advanced metering infrastructure.
    • SB 837 (Florez)
      Would reduce service disconnections, address faulty equipment concerns and prevent the misuse of ratepayer information associated with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), as specified.