• 2011 Legislative Session

    • AB 37 (Huffman)
      Support: Would require the CPUC to identify alternative options for investor-owned utility customers that decline the installation of wireless advanced metering infrastructure devices (smart meters).
    • AB 904 (Skinner)
      Support: Would require the CPUC to (i) ensure energy efficiency programs result in real reductions in energy consumption, (ii) examine alternatives to traditional administration and delivery of energy efficiency services, (iii) examine alternatives to traditional evaluation of energy efficiency services and (iv) examine the establishment of on-bill financing for residential customers.
    • AB 1124 (Skinner)
      Support: Would deliver increased energy efficiency savings and associated health and welfare benefits to low-income renters living in multi-family buildings
    • AB 1214 (Skinner)
      Oppose: Would require the CPUC to find as "necessary for the present or future public convenience and necessity" any electrical grid construction or upgrades that have already been approved by the ISO and FERC.
    • SB 142 (Rubio)
      Oppose: Would eliminate rate protections for usage up to 130% of baseline for all ratepayers including CARE and non-CARE customers, and direct the CPUC to adjust the rates currently charged to customers for electricity usage in order to eliminate, by no later than January 1, 2015, the current tiered residential electricity rates.
    • SB 379 (Fuller)
      Support: Would expand access to advanced telecommunications and information services to specified institutions, community-based organizations and governmental entities in recognition of their economic and societal impacts.
    • SB 674 (Padilla)
      Support: Would, among other things, protect the personal information of electric and gas consumer’s that use advanced metering infrastructure (smart meters). As a result, consumer’s personal information such as energy usage data would be better protected from unauthorized access, collection or being shared without their consent.
    • SB 836 (Padilla)
      Support: Would require the CPUC to release to the Legislature as specified, the costs of all electricity procurement contracts for eligible renewable energy resources and all costs for utility-owned generation approved by the CPUC since January 1, 2003.
    • SB 905 (Wolk)
      Support: Would better protect consumers from unauthorized charges being placed on their home telephone and wireless bills.
    • SB X1 2 (Simitian)
      Support: Would amend the current California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 20% by 2013, and then accelerate it to 33% by December 31, 2020.