• 2012 Legislative Session

  • Energy

    • AB 861 - Hill
      Would require utility shareholders, not ratepayers, to pay for stock- and earnings- based compensations to utility executives and employees.
    • AB 1694 - Fuentes
      Would authorize the CPUC to adopt a “risk-based inspection schedule” for inspecting mobile home park natural gas and propane distribution systems.
    • AB 1703 - Hill
      Would require investor-owned utilities to report to the CPUC on the outcome of civil actions brought against them regarding safety issues that could jeopardize the lives or health of Californians.
    • AB 1755 - Perea
      Would authorize the CPUC to establish a fixed customer charge for all residential investor-owned energy customers, as specified.
      • DRA follow-up letter for AB 1755 as amended
    • AB 1990 - Fong
      Would require the CPUC to direct investor-owned utilities to procure 375 megawatts of electrical generating capacity from small distributed generation projects in disadvantaged communities, as specified.
    • AB 2135 - Blumenfield
      Would authorize the California Building Standards Commission, as specified, to adopt building standards for solar distributed generation technology on residential and commercial property.
    • AB 2235 - Hagman
      Would allow a property owner to seek compensation for any substantial reduction in the value of their property resulting from the building, expansion, or operation of a plant, line, pipeline, or other facility by a public utility.
    • AB 2249 - Buchanan
      Would expand the eligibility of California Solar Initiative's (CSI) Thermal Program to include multifamily residential, governmental, educational, and nonprofit solar pool heating systems, but not include single-family residential solar pool heating systems.
    • AB 2340 - Williams
      Would require the CPUC to develop rules, as specified, for the reimbursement of distribution grid upgrade costs to developers of wholesale distributed generation facilities.
    • AB 2390 - Chesbro
      Would direct $20 million of annual ratepayer funding via the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) toward a biomass incentive program.
    • SB 843 - Wolk
      Would create a new state-wide renewable distribution generation program. It would allow householders that are ill-suited for renewable DG installations to contribute toward California's distributed generation goals.
    • SB 998 - De Leon
      Would establish on-bill repayment programs intended to increase access to clean energy improvements, create incentives for private investors to invest in these improvements and stimulate the State economy by creating jobs.
    • SB 1122 - Rubio
      Would create a 250 megawatt procurement mandate for electrical generating capacity using bioenergy sources.
    • SB 1207 - Fuller
      Would focus on ensuring the California Alternate Rates for Energy discount program benefits apply to only those customers who meet the program eligibility requirements.
    • SB 1207 - Fuller (Revised)
      Would clarify CARE eligibility requirements and provide energy efficiency assistance to low-income customers with high energy usage.
    • SB 1350 - Leno
      Would authorize the CPUC to use safety-related fines or penalties collected from investor-owned gas corporation to offset the costs associated with implementing gas safety measures, as specified.
  • Water

    • AB 1830 - Perez
      Would require mobile home parks that provide water service to reimburse current and former tenants for unreasonable rates charged for inadequate service provided, as specified.
    • AB 1830 - Perez (Revised)
      Would require mobile home parks (MHP) that provide water service to reimburse current and former tenants when the CPUC finds water service quality and rates charged are unreasonable.
    • AB 2334 - Fong
      Would require the Department of Water Resources to augment its California Water Plan with information on the lack of affordability of drinking water and wastewater services.
    • SB 1364 - Huff
      Would require investor-owned water utilities to be subject to many of the same requirements as other industry utilities regulated by the CPUC, as specified.
  • Communications

    • SB 379 - Fuller
      Would expand the California High-Cost Fund-A (CHCF-A) program to include high-quality communications services, such as broadband and other non-regulated services.
    • SB 1161 - Padilla
      Would prohibit the CPUC from regulating Voice Over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled service providers except as specified.