DRA Policy Position: 2013 - 2014 Energy Efficiency Programs

DRA supports the utilities’ proposal to implement a market transformation framework for whole-house programs, which DRA developed collaboratively with NRDC and the utilities. DRA supports improvements during the 2013-2014 transition period to develop the necessary evaluations and plans that will inform improved Energy Efficiency programs for the 2015-2017 funding cycle. 

Additionally, DRA advocates that: 

  • Unspent energy efficiency funds totaling upwards of $200 million collected since 1998  be returned to ratepayers.  
  • The CPUC reject program proposals that will inaccurately inflate program savings achievement, by using out-of-state data to calculate program market effects.  
  • Begin collecting data now to develop estimates for future programs to measure energy savings achieved through program influence without additional expenditures of program dollars (“spillover effects”). 
  • Billing and smart meter data should be used to reconcile findings of program evaluations to better inform program improvements. 
  • Increased rigor should be applied in estimating energy savings from the codes and standards to prevent duplication with other programs in counting energy savings. 
  • Data from water-energy nexus programs should be clearly reported in utility reports. 

See DRA’s September 14, 2012 Opening Comments on the CPUC’s Scoping Ruling. 

See DRA’s August 3, 2012 Protest on utility 2013-2014 Energy Efficiency program proposals. 

[http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/PublishedDocs/EFILE/P/172236.PDF ] 

See DRA’s April 16, 2012 Reply Comments on the ALJ’s Proposed Decision on the CPUC’s 2013-2014 Guidance document. [http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/PublishedDocs/EFILE/CM/164218.PDF ] 

See DRA’s April 9, 2012 Comments on the ALJ’s Proposed Decision on the CPUC’s 2013-2014 Guidance document.