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    For complaints, problems, or help with your utility bills for California's investor-owned utilities, please contact the California Public Utilities Commission's Consumer Affairs. 


    For issues related to ORA's advocacy work on CPUC proceedings:

    Contact ORA

    ORA Main Contact

    To be guided to the best staff for your issue... 

    (415) 703-1584     -    ora@cpuc.ca.gov  

    ORA Address

    505 Van Ness Avenue
    San Francisco, California 94102 (map)

    Media Inquiries

    Cheryl Cox, Policy Advisor
    (415) 703-2495



    Governmental Affairs

    For information related to legislative issues: 

    Matthew Marcus, Deputy Director 
    (916) 327-3455

    Rebecca Lee, Legislative Advisor
    (916) 327-1407


    Director's Office

    Joe Como, Acting Director

    Rosemary Mendoza, Executive Assistant to the Director
    (415) 703-5587