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    For Complaints, Opinions, or Advice


    Image of phone with complaintsFor complaints, problems, or help with your utility bills for California's investor-owned utilities, please contact the California Public Utilities Commission's Consumer Affairs Branch  

    To express an opinion on matters before the CPUC or for assistance on how to appear before the CPUC, please contact the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office.     



    For Issues Related to ORA's Advocacy Work as Intervenor on CPUC Proceedings

    ORA Main Contact

    To be guided to the best resource for your issue... 

    (415) 703-1584 - ora@cpuc.ca.gov  

    In order for us to provide a quick response for your inquiry,
    please provide a detailed message and we will get back to
    you with a response.

    ORA Address

    505 Van Ness Avenue
    San Francisco, California 94102 (map)

    Media Inquiries

    Cheryl Cox, Policy & Communications Advisor
    (415) 703-2495




    Director's Office

    Elizabeth Echols, Director

    Start date: March 28, 2016

    Rosemary Mendoza, Executive Assistant to the Director
    (415) 703-5587

    Governmental Affairs

    For information related to legislative issues:  

    Matthew Marcus, Deputy Director
    (916) 327-3455