• California Water Service
    2017 General Rate Case



    On July 9, 2015, Cal Water filed its General Rate Case Application for its General Office and 23 water districts, requesting approval to increase rates by:    

    • 2017:  $94.8 million or 16.5% 
    • 2018:  $23.0 million or 3.4% 
    • 2019:  $22.6 million or 3.3%  

    Specifically, Cal Water proposes increases for each of its districts as summarized in this Table from Cal Water’s Application. 

    A final CPUC Decision is expected by the end of 2016.  


    ORA Position

    ORA made an initial review of Cal Water’s Application and filed a Protest, finding that Cal Water’s proposal requires greater scrutiny in order to determine whether Cal Water’s requests are accurate, reasonable, and justified, including for these key proposals: 

    • Rate increases, including sales, revenue, consumption, and number of customers. 
    • Estimate of Operation & Maintenance and Administrative & General expenses, including payroll, and conservation.  
    • Additions to plant, including construction work in progress, security, and water quality.  
    • General Office expenses and capital additions, including cost allocations, insurance, pension and benefits, and overhead rates. 
    • Special Requests. 

    ORA is performing an in-depth review of Cal Water’s Application to determine whether it is reasonable and in the public interest. ORA expects to issue its full Report of findings and recommendations via Testimony in the first quarter of 2016.   

    See ORA’s August 13, 2015 Protest to Cal Water’s GRC Application.    



    Proceeding Docket

    See the CPUC's Proceeding docket. 

    Visit the docket to subscribe to updates in this proceeding.  


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