Natural Gas

ORA actively represents ratepayers in a variety of natural gas proceedings pertaining to cost allocation, natural gas infrastructure, gas procurement incentive mechanisms, and hedging natural gas costs. For information on ORA’s participation in specific natural gas cases, please view the links in the sections below. 


By Utility


Gas Transmission and Storage 

Proceeding to determine PG&E revenue increases for 2015 - 2017, including Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plans. 

San Bruno Investigation

The CPUC opened three investigations into the September 9, 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion that occurred in PG&E’s service territory: 1) the cause of the San Bruno explosion; 2) PG&E’s Recordkeeping practices across its pipeline system; and 3) PG&E’s treatment of pipeline safety in High Density Areas. 



North-South Project

On December 20, 2013, SoCalGas and SDG&E submitted a joint Application to the CPUC requesting approval to recover costs for the North-South Project that purports to address reliability concerns on the Southern System, as well as to implement related cost allocation and rate design proposals. 

SoCalGas Gas Compression Project

In 2013 the CPUC approved SoCalGas' request to design, build, own, operate and maintain its own gas compression equipment on non-residential customer premises.  


By Issue


Biogas is the anaerobic digestion of organic waste that produces gasses that can be collected for energy use. Biogas can be sourced from dairies, wastewater treatment plants, or organic waste such as food scraps. It can currently be used for on-site power generation and will in the future be able to be injected directly into the natural gas pipeline.  The CPUC is currently implementing Assembly Bill 1900 which seeks to break market barriers for implementing Biogas in order to promote environmental and economic goals.  


Cost Allocation Proceedings

Cost allocation proceedings for gas address the allocation of the costs of service across customers and the design of rates that customers pay. 


Gas Procurement Incentive Mechanisms

Gas procurement incentive mechanisms were first implemented in the mid-1990s. These mechanisms replaced the highly litigious and time-consuming "reasonable reviews" that prevailed prior to the mid-1990s.  


Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plans (PSEP)

In February 2011, the CPUC opened a rulemaking to establish a new model of natural gas pipeline safety regulations in the wake of the San Bruno pipeline explosion in 2010.  Natural Gas utilities were required to submit safety implementation plans for their pipeline systems. 

General Order 112

In 2013, the CPUC initiated a process to update its General Order 112 (GO 112), which governs general gas system operations for utilities in California. 

Mobile Home Park Natural Gas and Electric Infrastructure

On February 25, 2011, in response to a petition by mobile home park owners, the CPUC opened a Rulemaking to explore issues concerning the transfer of electric and gas distribution systems in master metered mobile home parks to direct utility service.