2017 Pacific Gas and Electric
General Rate Case



On September 1, 2015, PG&E filed an Application with the CPUC requesting to increase its revenue requirement from a current level of $7.916 billion to $8.373 billion:   

  • 2017:  $457 million (5.8%)  
  • 2018:  $489 million (5.84%)   
  • 2019:  $390 million (4.40%)  

PG&E indicates that the key reasons for the increase include:    

  • Increased costs of delivering energy safely and providing responsive customer service.    
  • Capital investments to replace aging infrastructure.   
  • Capacity-driven additions needed to serve more energy load based on customer demand.   
  • Recovery of costs for depreciation associated with capital investments.   
  • Costs of complying with governmental regulations and orders.   

See Table breakdown by Gas and Electric.    


Utility Bill Impacts

PG&E estimates that 2017 non-CARE residential customer bill impacts, compared to 2015, would be:  

  • Electric (500 kWh/mo avg usage)  =   $2.86 (3.20%) increase per month   
  • Electric (700 kWh/mo avg usage)  =   $4.00 (2.70%) increase per month   
  • Gas (34 therms/mo avg usage)      =   $1.20 (2.34%) increase per month  



ORA Position

ORA is currently performing an in-depth review and analysis of PG&E's request.  



CPUC Proceeding Docket

See the CPUC Proceeding docket for a record of the case. 

Visit the docket to subscribe to updates to the proceeding.  



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