Long-Term Procurement Planning:
Track 3: Procurement Rules & Bundled 
              Procurement Plans


In May 2012 the CPUC issued a Scoping Memo setting forth rule changes to the Long-Term Procurement Planning process, including:

  • Flexible resource procurement and contract policies.
  • Making Enhancements to the Energy Resource Recovery Account (ERRA).
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) compliance instruments and GHG compliance product procurement authority.
  • Multi-year forward procurement.
  • Once-Through Cooling power plant policies.
  • Refinements to the Independent Evaluator and Procurement Review Group (PRG).

DRA Policy Position

DRA responded to the May 17 Scoping Memo recommending:

  • Utilities should develop Marginal Abatement Curves (MAC) for all possible GHG-reduction strategies.
  • Utilities should be required to track the progress of their current climate change related programs and procurement decisions towards achieving the state’s GHG emissions reduction mandates.
  • The CPUC should be responsible for selecting the Independent Evaluators and for resolving any potential conflicts of interest.
  • The CPUC should initiate a process to determine how to best integrate and coordinate the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) and LTPP proceedings requiring utilities to utilize data, procurement strategies and least-cost, best-fit methodologies. 

See DRA’s November 2, 2012 Opening Comments on the Scoping Memo.

See DRA’s November 30, 2012 Reply Comments.


Proceeding Status

The utilities are scheduled to file their bundled procurement plans in spring 2013.

See the proceeding docket.